What You Should Know About Every Ride Listed On WeeklyRides.com

WeeklyRides.com provides the most comprehensive list of regularly scheduled training rides, charity rides and cycling related community events. No more searching through hundreds of websites or trolling on Facebook to find what you're looking for. WeeklyRides.com brings everything together in one place with a simple, clean, and easy to read format. Unlike other sites we keep advertising to a minimum and present it in a discreet unobtrusive way. After all, you came here to find a ride, not to buy a blinky light. 

The weekday training rides listed are generally found in and around Charlotte, NC. All rides listed use a rating system to help you decide which rides are best for you. The ratings are based on the average pace and terrain of the ride. Click HERE to see more detail about the ride ratings.

All rides listed require the rider to wear a helmet. Riders should have a ride appropriate bicycle in good working order. It is also suggested to carry food, water, spare tube, basic tool kit, emergency contact information and ID. All rides are subject to change without notice. WeeklyRides.com does not guarantee or endorse any rides listed. Every attempt is made to keep the listed rides and related information current. Contact the listed ride leader with any ride specific questions.

  • All rides listed are open to anyone 18 years old or older with proper equipment and skill to meet the listed requirements of any ride they join.
  • Riders under the age of 18 years old should check with the ride leader about any restrictions.
  • NOT ALL rides listed on Weeklyrides.com are sponsored rides.
  • NOT ALL rides listed on Weeklyrides.com offer marked routes, mechanical support, sag, or other support.
  • All riders are responsible for their own safety and health.
  • Cyclists who decide to join these rides accept the risks involved with riding a bicycle on all roads including public roads that are used by all other types of vehicles.
  • The ride, the ride leader(s), or any participants of the ride, actively or in-actively are not and will not be responsible for any injury or damage to any persons or property, which may arise by virtue of a rider’s participation on the ride.
  • All riders agree to follow applicable traffic laws as they apply to bicycles during the ride.
  • Helmets are required on all rides.
  • Some rides listed on Weeklyrides.com may be canceled without notice.
  • Contact the listed ride leader for more information regarding age limits, support, temporary cancellations, and inclement weather policies for a specific ride.

I hope you find WeeklyRides.com useful. If so, take a minute and let me know...I'd like to hear your comments.

Ride Safe,

Jeff Viscount

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