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HB 232: What Happened and When

There has been a lot of discussion lately regarding the draft and now the FINAL draft of HB 232. House Bill 232 was handed over to the North carolina General Assemby on January 8, 2016. Information and mis-information has been flying around the web and social media from the beginning. The following timeline is meant to share some of the most accurate information available to date. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have new information that you feel will be helpful for others.

  • HB 232 IntroducedJune 2015

    Approved in June 2015, House Bill 232 required NCDOT to study North Carolina bicycle and traffic laws and make recommendations on how the laws could better ensure the safety of bicyclists and motorists.

    HB 232

  • HB 232 Work Group SelectedJuly 2015

    The first eight members of the work group are selected. The first meeting date is announced along with plans to select three additional members and elect a chair person.

    HB 232 Meeting #1 Notice

  • HB 232 Meeting #1August 2015
  • NCDOT Updates SERAugust 2015

    NCDOT Special Events Request Application updated. BikeWalkNC reported the new instructions and guidelines for special events and group rides involving state highways provided by NCDOT.

    Read More

  • Can You See Me Now?October 2015

    Too often, bicyclists are treated as scapegoats for the consequences of negligent motoring behaviors. This tactic was on clear display at the October meeting of the HB 232 Bicycle Safety Law Study Committee.

    BikeWalkNC Blog

  • Privilege or Right?October 2015

    BikeWalkNC blog regarding a discussion at the September HB 232 meeting where a member claimed that “use of the road is a privilege, not a right.”  The context was a proposal to require bicyclists to carry an official form of identification in order to operate on roadways.

    BikeWalkNC Blog

  • HB 232 Meeting #4November 2015

    Meeting Agenda

    Meeting Minutes have not been made available.

    BikeWalkNC Meeting #4 Review

  • Stay RightNovember 2015

    The following article by BikeWalk NC was submitted to the H232 Bicycle Safety Law Study Committee in September 2015 in response to discussion of restricting bicyclists’ position on roadways.

    BikeWalkNC Blog

  • Fred Burt HandoutNovember 2015

    The following handout was shared with the HB 232 work group by Fred Burt. Mr. Burt was a member of the work group.

    Fred Burt Handout

  • NCDOT HB 232 DraftDecember 2015

    The NCDOT presented their HB 232 draft and invited initial public comment. Over 1000 public comments are made before the deadline expressing concern for changes made by NCDOT in direct opposition to the work completed by the HB 232 work group.

    HB 232 Draft

    HB 232 Public comments to be added to the final draft.

    BikeWalkNC Recommendations

  • BikeWalkNC FeedbackDecember 2015

    BikeWalk NC submitted the following feedback to NCDOT on December 29, 2015 in response to the HB 232 draft report.

    BikeWalkNC Blog

  • Good, Bad & UglyDecember 2015

    Bike Law has been following the work of the study group for several months. I want to be clear that it’s not all bad news. To borrow a title from a Clint Eastwood movie, the report is more along the lines of “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.”

    BikeLaw Blog

  • While You Were SleepingDecember 2015

    David Billstrom writes an excellent blog comments on the purpose, the process, the results and the "Switch".

    While You Were Sleeping

  • H232 PostmortemDecember 2015

    Steven Goodridge writes, "Many cyclists are asking me how the H232 Bicycle Safety Laws Study conducted by NCDOT resulted in a Study Report recommending new laws that, if enacted, would make cycling in North Carolina less safe and more difficult.  As a member of the H232 Study Committee that reached conclusions that are substantially different from what NCDOT recommended in its study report, I decided it is important to document some of the back story for posterity.

    H232 Postmortem

  • Safe PassingDecember 2015

    The following article was provided by BikeWalk NC to the H 232 Bicycle Safety Law Study Committee in September 2015, and has been amended to document the final recommendations of the Committee.

    BikeWalkNC Blog

  • Jeter Weighs InDecember 2015

    In a discussion thread on Facebook the following comment was made by Rep. Charles Jeter. Mr. Jeter is one of the three sponsors of HB 232. He said, "I agree that NCDOT recommendations are not acceptable and we will not approve them at the NCGA." Comments were made on the Facebook Group page on December 29, 2015. I have added Mr. Jeter to the group and welcome his comments and insight. I hope everyone will appreciate his willingness to engage this group and remain respectful in your comments. Welcome to the WeeklyRides Facebook group Mr. Jeter.

  • NCDOT FINAL DraftJanuary 2016

    The NCDOT presented their FINAL HB 232 draft to the NC Legislator.

    HB 232 FINAL Draft

    Changes found in FINAL Draft

NC DOT Diviion of Bicycle And Pedestrian Transportation